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Bee-pocalypse, oder?

Plan Bienen was featured on the Doomsday podcast. Many thanks to Wendy John for the chat. There are some links and references on the podcast’s blog here.

27. August 2018 by sumugan
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Plan Bienen in Animaladies

Notgeld and other Stadt Imkerei Austausch paraphernalia have been included in the Animaladies exhibition, postcard project and symposium at Interlude Gallery, 11–22 July 2016 in Sydney, Australia, curated by Madeleine Boyd, Melissa Boyde and Yvette Watt. According to the catalogue: … Continue reading

19. July 2016 by sumugan
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A Peer Review Journal About: Excessive Research

Our text, ‘Plan Bienen: Sharing (in) the more-than-human city’ has been published in the latest APRJA, an open-access research journal launched at Transmediale: Conversation Piece Berlin 2016. The publication is the outcome of a masterclass that Tessa participated in, organised by … Continue reading

23. February 2016 by sumugan
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Plan Bienen at Neolife

Sumugan presented Plan Bienen at Neolife, the Inaugural (Rest of the World) Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference organised by SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia, 1–3 October. Our working paper ‘Disappearing Humans’, a corollary to ‘Disappearing … Continue reading

28. December 2015 by sumugan
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‘Statements of Profits and Loss / Rates of Exchange’ Art Laboratory Berlin

In June we presented ‘Statements of Profits and Loss’ at Art Laboratory Berlin. The exhibition showcased three Notgeld designs, documenting exchanges of honey – for various things – that took place last year between Oliver Rudzick and Lucinda Dayhew, Bärbel … Continue reading

10. August 2015 by sumugan
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‘Disappearing Bees’, un Magazine 9.1

Our article ‘Disappearing Bees’ was recently published in un Magazine 9.1. A PDF of the text is available here.

30. July 2015 by sumugan
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Gift from the Bees

[Script for parting performance presented by Sumugan Sivanesan at ZK/U, 25 September 2014] Hello and welcome to our Openhaus. All of us at ZK/U have been busily anticipating this evening’s schedule, and I would like to begin the tour by … Continue reading

06. October 2014 by sumugan
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I don’t want your money, honey…

We recently spent some time with the economic historian and bank bill broker, Winfried Bogon, whom we had contacted to purchase notgeld or emergency money that was used in times of fiscal crisis such as hyperinflation. A well known episode of hyperinflation occurred … Continue reading

26. September 2014 by sumugan
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Non-human Rights

‘Killer Bee’ movies emerged as a popular strain of ‘creature feature’ films in the Cold War era of the 1960s. Films such as The Deadly Bees (1966), Genocide (1968) and The Swarm (1978) established a genre based around formulaic ‘nature’s … Continue reading

25. August 2014 by sumugan
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This Planetary Conjuncture

To call ourselves geological agents is to attribute to us a force on the same scale as that released at other times when there has been a mass extinction of species. Dipesh Chakrabarty, The Climate of History: Four Theses, 2009. … Continue reading

01. August 2014 by sumugan
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