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Plan Bienen in Liverpool

Plan Bienen recently travelled to Liverpool for the Libidinal Circuits: Scenes of Urban Innovation conference organised by the International Association for the Study of the Culture of Cities (Toronto) with the University of Liverpool and FACT, 8-10 July. Arriving via train, bus and … Continue reading

31. July 2015 by Tessa
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Gift from the Bees

[Script for parting performance presented by Sumugan Sivanesan at ZK/U, 25 September 2014] Hello and welcome to our Openhaus. All of us at ZK/U have been busily anticipating this evening’s schedule, and I would like to begin the tour by … Continue reading

06. October 2014 by sumugan
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I don’t want your money, honey…

We recently spent some time with the economic historian and bank bill broker, Winfried Bogon, whom we had contacted to purchase notgeld or emergency money that was used in times of fiscal crisis such as hyperinflation. A well known episode of hyperinflation occurred … Continue reading

26. September 2014 by sumugan
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The Mint – Unofficial Opening

You are cordially invited to the Unofficial Opening of the Plan Bienen Mint. After 3 months researching real and possible relationships between people, bees, honey and time in Berlin, our time is (almost) up. We have over the summer accumulated quite a … Continue reading

08. September 2014 by Tessa
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Honey Stock Exchange

For anyone in Berlin this weekend, tomorrow at ZK/U is the very first ‘Gütermarkt‘ – a different kind of local market. We will be there all day with the Plan Bienen – ‘Honey Stock Exchange’. Bring something special, home-made or home-grown for your … Continue reading

06. September 2014 by Tessa
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The artists invite you to be part of an experimental exchange network in which self-produced honey is traded for various non-monetary things (time, skills, help etc.). Open to beekeepers and honey-eaters alike. No obligations! You can also join by loaning … Continue reading

19. July 2014 by Tessa
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Sharing Berlin

Last week we attended part of the 5th OuiShare Summit in Berlin, a congregation of collaborative economies enthusiasts and advocates. Amongst those presenting their own (very real) approaches to a post-monetary world in this most resourceful and ‘creative’ of European … Continue reading

18. June 2014 by Tessa
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